Sehar Crafts Standing Hanuman Statue with Tail/Hanuman ji Idol murti 10 Inch | Bajrang Bali

3,700.00 3,400.00

Authentic White Italian-Marble Statue, finished with fine grade Marble Resin
Bajrangbali Murti 10 inch.Italian Marble Statue
Durable and Easily Cleanable in nature
Polished Smooth Finish with intricate details. Durable and Easily Cleanable in nature
Handmade – hence the unique aesthetical value to each unit


Life without God no matter how seemingly valuable leads to emptiness.

Let your loved ones know that you care for their happiness and prosperity by the significant token of holiness. The world consists of positive and negative energies that the mind alone controls.

Place the god-figure in a habitable calm area to develop a connection and improve your mental health by the positive force exhibited by the statue. The uniqueness of each product is achieved by the handmade manufacturing done with natural stone that exhibits a difference in stone-vein patterns and colour hues.

SEHAR CRAFTS presents to you an exquisitely handcrafted sculpture, consisting of intricate details modeled in authentic white Italian marble. The aesthetically value archived by material choice and skilled artisan craftsmen gives the product the needed edge to be the perfect gift option for housewarming parties, birthdays, weddings, festivals etc. It may be used as a decorative element at home, office, factory, bungalow etc.

We are committed to understand and meet the customer expectations and provide quality products to their full satisfaction which shell ensure value for money


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