Sehar Crafts Home Decorative Table Decor Marble Inlay Coaster Set with Holder | 6 Pieces for Dining Table

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Authentic Brown Soapstone Perforated Vase
Durable and Easily Cleanable in nature white marble
Polished Smooth Finish with intricate details.
Variations in Color-Patterns and Vein Designs due to use of Natural Stone.
This Royal Piece Of Art Simply Shows That How A Simple Work Of Art Can Turns Into A Master Piece Of Craftsmanship.


In a tea-drinking culture like that in India, who doesn’t need coasters? Apart from being functional, our products are designed to add a touch of elegance and beauty to your tableware. When in use, it prevents the stains of the cup to leave its marks on the table and it makes drinking the warm beverage more enjoyable. When it is not in use- it serves as a decorative art piece on your table set.

The structure of the coaster consists of authentic high quality marble crafted by skilled artisans, painted with a beautiful abstract pattern depicting elephants in white, whereas the work stand consists of a circular envelope complimenting the coasters to unify the overall design. Elephants have always been a symbolization of mental and physical strength.


presents to you an exquisite range of handcrafted kitchen accessories. These standard sized 4” circular coasters come in a set of 6 with a complimenting marble envelope for dining spaces, kitchen areas, living room, offices etc. Each sculpted by the hands of an artisan- makes it a unique gifting experience for any occasion.

We are committed to understand and meet the customer expectations and provide quality products to their full satisfaction which shell ensure value for money


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