Sehar Crafts Dry Fruit Jar Use for Pickel Mishri Best Dining Table Serving Glass Jar.

1,100.00 550.00

Pickle, Mishri, Dry fruit, Glass Jar for Kitchen Table
Kitchen Storage Small Glass Jar
Handmade – hence the unique aesthetic value to each unit
Polished Smooth Finish with intricate details. Durable and Easily Cleanable in nature
Best Kitchen Gift Items.



A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness. Experience magic Small Glass Jar will increase your Dining Table Look.

The beautiful throw of light through the complex voids of the product creates a mesmerizing warm ambiance wherever used.

It consists of a Gorgeous T/ Light Candle Holder and Lid made of authentic Stone. These intricate masterpieces have been created by a specialized team from Agra.

The uniqueness of each product is achieved by the difference in stone-vein patterns and slight color variations.

SEHARCRAFTS presents to you an exquisitely handcrafted sculpture, consisting of intricate details modeled in authentic Soapstone to turn your interiors into mesmerizing visual experiences.

The aesthetical value archived by material choice and skilled artisan craftsmen gives the product the needed edge to be the perfect home decor for your Kitchen, central table etc.


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