Sehar Crafts Turtle Set of Three | 2 Inch , 2.5 Inch ,3 Inch | Gorara Marble Natural Color( Statue

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Original Gorara Marble Vase

Jali cut hand made design turtle in baby turtle

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Made up of Gorara, variations in color & veins are appreciated as natural stone


The turtle is one of the oldest living animal ancestors walking on the earth represents the world itself. It stands for stability, protection, and constancy which are needed in every aspect of life to achieve happiness and success. In this beautifully sculpted model, we desired to present the spirit animal in a more fragile perspective.

The Sculpture consists of 3 heavy marble turtle bodies of varying sizes, with its shelter caved into a perforated jail-cut work by trained artisans. Home is where love is, and love is fragile but strong like the shelter of the turtle-sculpture. Every person has its own weaknesses- no matter how strong they pretend to be.

Life is tough and full of responsibilities but having a soft corner for someone you love has its own beauty. Show your loved ones that they are that soft-corner in your life, or let them know that you appreciate being their soft-corner. The uniqueness of each product is achieved by the handmade manufacturing done with natural stone that exhibits a difference in stone-vein patterns and color hues.

SEHAR CRAFTS presents to you an exquisitely handcrafted sculpture, consisting of intricate details modeled in authentic soapstone. The aesthetical value archived by material choice and skilled artisan craftsmen gives the product the needed edge to be the perfect gift option for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, mother’s day, father’s day, housewarming parties etc. It may be used as a decorative element at home, office, factory, bungalow etc.

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